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Bathroom Sink Rough-In Plumbing Dimensions Sink supply line (height): Two holes; vertically, both are about 2 to 3 inches above the drain pipe. Sink supply lines (horizontal): Two holes are required, one for the hot water supply and the other for the cold water supply.

Here's a rough-in guide to all your key bathroom items. 1. Bathroom Toilets Bathroom Toilet Rough-In Dimensions: Supply Line (Height) 8 ¼ inches from the floor Supply Line (Horizontal) No more than 6 inches from the centerline (a vertical line running down the middle of the toilet) Discharge Hole From Back Wall Discharge Hole (Vertical)

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Web bathroom plumbing diagram for rough in 3 piece bathroom. Web plumbing diagrams and layouts for bathroom: Source: Web plumbing diagram bathrooms check more at showerremodels org 5409 dia bathroom rough in help with basement rough in pics included basement. Web rough in bathroom plumbing fresh on floor and basement bathroom

Rough-In of Plumbing and Electrics for a DIY Bathroom Renovation One of the most crucial aspects of renovating a bathroom is the plumbing and electrical rough-in. Any mistakes or shortcuts will involve ripping off tiles, damaging walls and waterproof to rectify! Stage 6: Firstly, place all your new fittings inside the newly demolished bathroom.

A supply line is used to distribute water to multiple faucets in the bathroom. Drilling is the first step in residential plumbing. This includes installing the pipes, water lines, sewers, connections,. Source: First, measure out that distance on both sides. Web basement bathroom rough in plumbing using a wet vent.